5.1.17 IBM Toolbox for Java

JSM services such as the PDFSpoolFileService require IBM Toolbox for Java or JTOpen.

JSM ships with Open Source Software, JTOpen 8.6, codebase 5770-SS1 V7R2M0.00 built=20150806.

For further information refer to:

Toolbox for Java and JTOpen

IBM provides two JDBC drivers for the IBM i database:

Native JDBC driver

This is shipped as part of the IBM i Developer Kit for Java (57xxJV1).

It is implemented by making native method calls to the SQL CLI (Call Level Interface).

Consequently, it only runs on the IBM i JVM.

The class name to register is com.ibm.db2.jdbc.app.DB2Driver. The URL subprotocol is db2.

Toolbox JDBC driver

This is shipped as part of the IBM Toolbox for Java.

It is implemented by making direct socket connections to the database host server.

This JDBC driver runs on any JVM.

The class name to register is com.ibm.as400.access.AS400JDBCDriver. The URL subprotocol is as400.

Physical file journaling for JDBC updates




It is easy to forget to start journaling when you create or change a physical file.

You can avoid such problems by creating a data area named QDFTJRN in any library where you want to automatically start journaling.

The new data area contains the name of a journal, and as long as the person creating the physical file has adequate authority, journaling will be started to the journal named in the data area.

You specify the journal library in the first 10 positions, and the second 10 positions contain the journal, and the last five positions contain *FILE. You can also specify *NONE in the last five positions to prevent journaling from starting.