Save Transformation

Once you have tested your transformations, you must save the XSL style sheets.

After you have saved the XSL files, you must copy these files to the server, so they can be accessed by a service.

By default, the style sheets are copied to the /jsm/instance/xsl directory.

To make a style sheet available to a service an entry needs to be added to the service's property resource.

The resource file associated with a service can be determined by looking for the resource entry in the file in the system sub directory.

Using the resource name locate the service resource properties file in the properties sub directory.

Add an entry to the service resource properties file with following format:



name is the identifier used in the command XSL keyword.

filename is the name of the XSL file which was saved by the XML Transformation Wizard and copied to the server.









From the file, the HTTPService service is using the for resources.

Locate the file in the properties sub directory.

Add the following entries: