7.18 SOAP Wizard

The SOAP Wizard is started from Studio. It is recommended that you use Studio to manage your projects and associated files.

The SOAP Wizard is an application that allows you to create and consume SOAP based Web Services.

The SOAP Agent Wizard is used to consume a WSDL document and to communicate with a remote server.

The SOAP Server Wizard is used to create a WSDL document and to publish a Web Service.

The SOAP Wizard requires a Java compiler, such as Oracle's Java SDK, to be installed on the PC.
Refer to 7.2.2 Set Java Compiler and Java Runtime.

Review the following topics:

7.18.1 Create a SOAP Agent Project

7.18.2 Updating a SOAP Agent Project

7.18.3 Create a SOAP Server Type

7.18.4 Create a SOAP Server Project

7.18.5 SOAP Server Wizard Naming Conventions

A step by step guide to using the SOAP Wizard is provided in the Integrator Tutorials commencing with INT09 - SOAP Service.