8.3.2 Start from a Command Line or Custom Built Shortcut

You can start the User Agent from a command line, or you can create your own program shortcut that will include custom command line arguments. The file selections that your end users will be asked to make are controlled by arguments on the command line.

You can specify up to three optional arguments (host_file, source_file, response_file) in the command line:

   com.lansa.jsf.useragent.JSFUserAgent <host_file> <source_file> <response_file>


In the Configuration file, the source.send=*prompt or source.send=*noprompt option can be used to display or bypass the Send confirmation prompt. Refer to 8.5 How to Build a Configuration File for details.

You will also need to choose one of the following actions:

User Selects Host & Source Files

User Selects Source File

User Selection Bypassed

Batch Mode With no Manual Selections