User Selects Source File

Using just a host file argument will cause the User Agent application to automatically select the host file and wait for the user to select the source file.


   com.lansa.jsf.useragent.JSFUserAgent acme.lih


Typical user sequence of steps:

1.  User Agent starts with host file already specified.

2.  8.4.3 Open Source - to specify the source file to be uploaded.

3.  8.4.5 Send- to send the file to the selected host.

4.  8.4.6 Exit - to exit the user agent.

Alternatively, you could:

1.  Configure a desktop icon to execute the User Agent - and include the host file argument.

2.  Use a simple drag and drop of the source file from Windows Explorer onto the desktop icon to launch the User Agent application. (This dragged and dropped source file becomes the second argument.)

The source.send=*prompt or source.send=*noprompt option can be used to display or bypass (respectively) the source file Send confirmation. Refer to 8.5 How to Build a Configuration File for details.