8.5 How to Build a Configuration File

In order to create a new User Agent application, a configuration file must be defined with the information about the upload.

Use Studio to create a configuration file by creating a User Agent solution.

Use Studio properties editor to edit the configuration directives. The configuration file is UTF-8 encoded.

The User Agent configuration can be executed from within Studio.

The configuration file is divided into the following sections:

8.5.1 File Data Source Directives

8.5.2 SV Data Source Directives

8.5.3 Excel Data Source Directives

8.5.4 Application Directives

8.5.5 Transport Directives

8.5.6 Data Encoding Directives

8.5.7 SOCKS Directives

8.5.8 HTTP Directives

8.5.9 FTP Directives

8.5.10 SFTP Directives

8.5.11 JMS Directives

8.5.12 MQ-Series Directives

A directive consists of a keyword and a value separated by the equal character (keyword=value).

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