9. Remote Function Invocation

Remote Function Invocation (RFI) is a means of sending and receiving serialized java objects between a client JVM and the remote JSM server.

The Java Service Manager RFI feature is middleware that makes remote integration as easy as coding to local objects. The Java client developer creates and works with local objects and then sends these objects to the remote JSM server, the remote service uses a local copy of these objects to supply data to the host program. The host program can also create new objects and return a copy to the Java client program for local processing. Compared with JDBC, this is much faster because network traffic is minimized and it is much easier and more natural to code. RFI can be called either by LANSA functions or 3GL programs.

Review the following topics:

9.1 Using the RFIService client class

9.2 Working with the RFIDataSource on the client

9.3 RFI Example

9.4 RFI Example Viewer