9.2 Working with the RFIDataSource on the client

RFIDataSource implements the RFIObject interface.



RFIDataSource ( String name )

Create a new data source and service of the same name

RFIDataSource ( String name, String service )

Create a new data source using specified service name





String getName ()

Name of data source

String getService ()

Name of service

void setService ( String service )

Set service name

void clearFields ()

Clear all fields from data source

String[] getFieldNames ()

Get data source field names

void putField ( String name, String value )

Add field to data source

void removeField ( String name )

Remove field from data source

boolean containsField ( String name )

Data source contains field

String getFieldValue ( String name )

Get value of field

void clearTables ()

Clear all tables from data source

void putTable ( RFIDataTable table )

Add table to data source

void removeTable ( String name )

Remove table from data source

RFIDataTable getTable ( String name )

Get table from data source

boolean containsTable ( String name )

Data source contains table

String[] getTableNames ()

Get data source table names

boolean equals ( String name )

Data source name equivalence






RFIDataTable ( String name, String[] columns )

Create new table

RFIDataTable ( String name, String[] columns, int initialSize )

Create new table





String getName ()

Get name of table

String[] getColumns ()

Get table column names

int getColumnCount ()

Get table column count

String getColumnName ( int column )

Get table column name at specified index

int getRowCount ()

Get row count

String[] getRow ( int row )

Get row of data at specified index

void clear ()

Remove all rows

void remove ( int row )

Remove row at specified index

void add ( String[] data )

Add a row of data

void set ( int row, String[] data )

Update a row of data at specified index

void insert ( int row, String[] data )

Insert a row of data at specified index

String getValueAt ( int row, int column )

Get cell value at specified row and column

void setValueAt ( int row, int column, String value )

Update cell value

boolean equals ( String name )

Table name equivalence



Example of creating a client-side RFIDataSource object:


RFIDataSource employee = new RFIDataSource ( "EMPLOYEE" ) ;


String[] columns = { "COMMENT", "SKILL", "GRADE", "ACQUIRED" } ;


RFIDataTable table = new RFIDataTable ( "SKILLS", columns ) ;


String[] data = { "Good cobol skills", "CBL", "A", "020399" } ;


table.add ( data ) ;


employee.putTable ( table ) ;