Integrator Tutorials

The LANSA Integrator Tutorial contains a set of exercises designed to introduce the skills required to build Integrator applications with LANSA using various transport protocols.

before you start, we recommend that you read: About the Tutorials and Naming conventions

The following exercises are included:

INT001 - Getting Started with Basic JSM Operations

INT002 - Using the FTP Service

INT003 - Using the LANSA User Agent

INT004 - Department Inquiry Bindings

INT005 - Department Inquiry Functions

INT006 - Department List Inquiry

INT007 - Department & Employee Server

INT008 - Department & Employee Client (Optional)

INT009 - SOAP Service

INT010 - JSON Service

INT011 - Create Excel Document

INT012 - Create Excel Document with Template and Formatting

INT013 - Create PDF Output using PDFDocumentService. You will need these files when you do this exercise, so download Extra Files.