Step 1. Create XML iiiPRO06_request.xml

INT007 - Department & Employee Server

In this step, you will create the XML to SEND the Department Code from client to the server function. You can use any text editor to write XML. The required XML for the Department Code request is the same as the XML used in INT003 so you may simply copy this XML.

1.  With your iii Training project open in Studio, select Solutions and right click to create a New Solution Group. Create group Server XML Employees Request.

2.  Expand the solution group XML Request and open iiiPRO04_request.xml in the XML Editor.

     The XML should appear something like this:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>





3.  Select the Save As option and specify these save details:

Save in

locate the iii Training directory, by default C:\Program Files\LANSA\Integrator\Studio\workspace\iii Training\solutions\Server XML Employees Request

File Name



4.  Close the XML Editor.