2.1.4 Java Service Administration

During installation the xxxPGMLIB and QOTHPRDOWN user profiles are created with a default password of LANSA. You need to change these passwords to make your system secure.

Signon on as xxxPGMLIB user profile to administer the JSM instance.




  JSM                 JSM Menu


  Select one of the following:


  1. Start Java Service Manager

  2. Clear Java Service Manager

  3. Optimize Java Service Manager

  4. Edit Manager Properties

  5. Edit Service Properties

  6. Change Default JSM Instance

  7. Work with Java Service Manager



  Selection or command



  F3=Exit   F4=Prompt   F9=Retrieve   F12=Cancel




From this menu, you can perform the following options: Start Java Service Manager (STRJSM) Clear Java Service Manager (CLRJSM) Optimize Java Service Manager (OPTJSM) Edit Manager Properties (EDTJSMMGR) Edit Service Properties (EDTJSMSRV) Change Default Instance (CHGJSMDFT) Work with Java Service Manager (WRKJSM) that opens the Work with Object Links window.

The i5/OS commands are in brackets. For example, you may use option 1 or you may use the i5/OS command STRJSM to start the JSM.