4.3.2 JSMAdmin Set up on Windows

If IIS is installed on the target PC, the install/upgrade will automatically configure IIS so that the physical folder JSMCGI is mapped to the virtual folder cgi-bin.

If IIS is not installed, the user will need to manually configure their Web Server.

The JSMAdmin.exe needs to be able to modify the dc_w29.txt and dc_w30.txt files.

As in 4.1.2 JSMDirect Set up on Windows, you need to specify the Windows logon for executing the JSMAdmin.exe CGI program.

Apply the same procedure as in JSMDirect Set up on Windows for the CGI program JSMAdmin.exe in the appropriate virtual directory.

The specific Windows logon is also required for obtaining log files from JSMAdmin.exe.

See 4.9 Log Files (Windows) for more information.

Changing Permissions

Step 1. Determine the user using the cgi-bin virtual folder

1.  Open "Internet Information Services".

2.  Find the cgi-bin virtual folder (or the virtual folder you are using).

3.  Right mouse click on the cgi-bin virtual folder, and choose Properties.

4.  Choose the "Directory Security" tab.

5.  Click on "Edit".

6.  In the "Anonymous access" group, the "User name:" field is the NT account that is used to run the jobs under cgi-bin folder.

     This is the user that needs to have write permissions to the JSMCGI folder.

     Remember the name (you will need it in the next step).

7.  Close all dialogs and property pages you opened in this step.

Step 2. Change permissions for this user

1.  Open Explorer.

2.  Navigate to the parent folder of the cgi-bin folder. The cgi-bin folder is typically C:\Program Files\LANSA\Integrator\JSMCGI, so navigate to C:\Program Files\LANSA\Integrator.

3.  Right mouse click on the JSMCGI folder, and choose Properties.

4.  Choose the "Security" tab.

5.  Click on "Add".

6.  Choose the user found in Step 1 (6 above), typically IUSR_<pcname>.

7.  Ensure that the "Write" permission is turned on for the user you just added.

8.  Click OK to save the new settings.