When the RFIDataSourceService is loaded using the SERVICE_LOAD command a check is made for posted content. If content has been posted to the service then the CONTENT-TYPE keyword value is checked for a value of "application/x-java-serialized-object" and the received serialized stream is converted into an object. If the object is an instance of RFIDataSource it is made available to the service else no data source object is available.

An optional keyword can be used on the SERVICE_LOAD command to allow quick and easy binding of data from the received data source to the client program.




If this keyword is used, then field values in the data source object are used to update the program fields.

A map object is used to map source column names to program field names.

A mandatory list argument needs to be used with the SERVICE_LOAD command. This list supplies the field name to column name map information. The list argument can have one or two fields, the first field contains the field name and the optional second field contains the column name. If the list argument contains only one field, the column names are the same as the field names. If the list argument contains two fields and the column field name is blank the column name will be the same as the field name.

This map besides controlling the field to column name mapping also controls the possible list of fields that can be included in the data source.





Developer notes for Command/Keyword/Value




Optional. Bind data source fields to program fields.