5.33.1 What can I use the PDFSpoolFileService for?

Many files available on the Internet and exchanged by email are distributed as PDF files. Because the PDF file format is widely used, you can be assured that nearly all recipients will be able to read and extract the contents, or have access to download the free PDF reader software.

The following example when you may use conversion of an IBM i spool file to a PDF file.

Simplified distribution of application reports

Replace the need for distribution of hardcopy reports by converting your IBM i reports to a PDF format and distributing by email to the appropriate parties.

For example, you may have an IBM i RPG or LANSA application generating a monthly sales report which is to be distributed to the regional sales managers. Instead of printing a copy for each manager and distributing by conventional mail services (i.e. mail or courier) you could convert the report to a PDF format and then attach this PDF document to an email for distribution to the group of sales managers. Implementing this process will save time and substantially reduce your printing and delivery costs.