The optional keyword DOMGET specifies how FunctionXML created from the LANSA function fields and working list will be stored.

If the FunctionXML is going to be large, then use *FILE so the input FunctionXML source resides in a temporary file. This will greatly reduce the amount of memory used by the transformation process, as the input FunctionXML source is not stored in memory.

The default value for the DOMGETRESULT keyword is *STRING to maintain compatibility.

If you plan to use translets (Compiled Stylesheets) to create XML content you can only use the DOMGET(*STRING) option.

The DOMGET and DOMGETRESULT setting are used by commands like SEND for Outbound XML processing.



FunctionXML is kept as UTF-8 encoded bytes.


FunctionXML is kept as a String object.


FunctionXML is steamed out to a temporary file.