5.15.1 What can I use the SMSService for?

SMS messaging is now a very widely used tool for communicating short pieces of text information via mobile phones.

The following provides just a few ideas on how and where the SMSService may be applied.

Send customers updates on the progress of their orders through the supply chain

Customers like to be kept up to date on how their orders are processing. An ERP system for a logistics company could send SMS messages to its customers to keep them up to date on the whereabouts of their shipment. As a shipment passes through its various ports a trigger could be set to send an SMS message to the customer.

Alert messages to engineers

Engineers in the field could be notified via an SMS message of customers who's equipment has failed and needs attending to. In addition to providing a cheaper alternative to getting the information to the engineer (as opposed to a telephone call to a mobile phone), an SMS approach also does not need to be attended to immediately. Hence, if the engineer is already focusing on another problem they may wait for a more suitable time to respond to the support request.