SEND ----------------- TO ----------- value -------------------->


                    >-- MSG ---------- value --------------------|




This should contain only the telephone number of the mobile phone you wish to send the SMS message to.

For example, +6091234567


This should contain the message that you wish to send.

Comments / Warnings

The SMS gateway service provider that you are working with may have restrictions on the length of the message that can be sent to a mobile phone. The SMSService will pass whatever information you place in the MSG keyword to the provider, but it is your responsibility to ensure that the amount of data can be handled by the provider. Your provider will be able to advise you on any restrictions that they might have.

For sending messages to international mobile phones, the format of the number in the TO keyword will generally be a plus sign (+), followed by the country code, followed by the phone number itself. For messages to local numbers, generally the country code is not required although it will still work if you include it. You should confirm with your provider exactly what the required format is.




USE BUILTIN(JSM_COMMAND) WITH_ARGS('SEND TO(+6012345678) MSG(Your parcel is ready for pickup)') TO_GET(#JSMSTS #JSMMSG)




use builtin(jsmx_command) with_args(#jsmxhdle1 'send to(+6012345678) msg(Your parcel is ready for pickup)') to_get(jsmxsts #jsmxmsg)