5.37.3 SQLService Properties

The following lists the contents of the SQLService.properties as they are shipped in a standard LANSA.

The first two sections are the most important.

The first section is the JDBC driver details (for example, driver.db2=com.ibm.as400.AS400JDBCDriver). The driver ID that you specify in the CONNECT command will search for a related driver in the SQLService.properties file (on the left-hand side of the '=' sign). The name of the actual driver to use appears on the right hand side of the '=' sign. This JDBC driver must reside in the jar directory of your LANSA Integrator instance. It is your responsibility to ensure that it is there.

The second section specifies the database details (for example, database.info=jdbc:as400://DBHOST/LIBRARY;naming=sql;errors=full;date format=iso;translate binary=true). The database that you specify in the CONNECT command will search for a related database in the SQLService.properties file (on the left hand side of the '=' sign). The name and location of the actual database to use is indicated on the right hand side of the '=' sign. You will note that the database detail may also include some start up details.


#!<studio-project id="20000000-000000" name="acme">


# SQLService resource ( Default )





# driver.sqlserver=com.microsoft.jdbc.sqlserver.SQLServerDriver



# database.info=jdbc:microsoft:sqlserver://DBHOST

# database.northwind=jdbc:microsoft:sqlserver://;databasename=Northwind

# database.info=jdbc:datadirect:sqlserver://DBHOST:1433

# database.info=jdbc:datadirect:oracle://DBHOST:1521;sid=oemrep

# database.info=jdbc:sybase:Tds:DBHOST:2638?ServiceName=dbname

database.info=jdbc:as400://DBHOST/LIBRARY;naming=sql;errors=full;date format=iso;translate binary=true


message.001=Service successfully loaded

message.002=Service successfully unloaded

message.003=Command is not supported :

message.004=Missing DATABASE keyword

message.005=Missing DATABASE resource from service properties

message.006=Missing DRIVER keyword

message.007=Missing DRIVER resource from service properties

message.008=No current database connection

message.009=EXECUTE command requires QUERY, UPDATE, PREPARED or CALL keyword

message.010=Require list to receive result

message.011=No SQL command

message.012=No result set available for reading

message.013=Column count does not match list field count

message.014=Field mapped column does not exist in result set :

message.015=Result set is empty

message.016=Require parameter map list

message.017=Field column map requires a two field list

message.018=Map field does not exist in function :

message.019=Missing TABLE keyword

message.020=Require working list

message.021=Working list requires four fields

message.022=No suitable driver found

message.023=No CALL command

message.024=Unsupported call type :

message.025=Cannot connect to database