5.21 XMLQueryService

The XMLQueryService permits an application to selectively interrogate values contained in an XML document using XML Path Language (XPath) expressions.

It is not suitable or intended for and usually would not be used to process the entire contents of an XML document.  There are other LANSA Integrator services (mentioned below) that are much more appropriate for that.

Rather it is intended for limited and selective interrogation of particular values from the XML document.  In some applications, for example, it may be necessary for the application to determine certain key values from the XML document in order to decide how to proceed with further processing or for use in the course of further processing.

NOTE:  for LANSA Composer users, the supplied XML_QUERY activity provides this functionality.


NOTE:  The XMLQueryService loads the entire XML document into memory when processing your queries.  Application performance can degrade when used with exceptionally large XML files.

Related Services

The XMLQueryService is not dependent on other services.

As noted above, the service is not suitable or intended for processing the entire contents of an XML document.  LANSA Integrator provides a number of other XML services that may be more suitable for such purposes including:

Technical Specifications

The service is implemented using features of the javax.xml.xpath package.  The following XML standards apply:

  • LANSA Integrator must be using a Java 5 or above JRE in order to use this service.