INT008 - Department & Employee Client (Optional)


To achieve these objectives, you will complete the following:

Step 1. Create iiiFN07 Client Outbound (request) bindings

Step 2. Create iiiFN07 Client Inbound (response) bindings

Step 3. Binding Deployment and Configuration

Step 4. Code iiiFRM03 Client Wrapper Formorm

Step 5. Code iiiFN07 Client SET functionality

Step 6. Code iiiFN07 Client GET functionality

Step 7. Test iiiFN07 Server with Client Form iiiFRM03



You have already written the Department & Employee Server function, and created a service interface for it, in exercise INT007 - Department & Employee Server. Now you will create a client function using HTTPOutboundXMLBindService. This client function will allow the user to input a department code, create a request XML document, send the XML to your iiiFN06_SERVICE to be processed, and display the response XML in a user-friendly list.