Step 3. Test the application

INT002 - Using the FTP Service

1.  Compile your iiiFRM02 form and iiiFN02 function.

2.  Check that both functions compiled successfully.

3.  Execute your iiiFRM02 form. Your form might appear as follows:

     When the function executes, the values for the FTP Host, FTP Folder Path, FTP User and FTP Password fields are very specific to the FTP server you are using.

     You should be able to obtain these details from your installation administrator if you don't know them.

FTP Host

Enter the name or IP address of the FTP Server to connect to.

FTP Folder Path

Enter the FTP folder name where to get the file list. It must be preceded by a forward slash (/). Leave blank to get the list of files from the root directory.

FTP UserFTP Password

Most FTP servers require User authentication.



     Once the details have been entered, click on the Connect button to get the list of files.

4.  The form might appear as follows: