Step 3. Create iiiFN06 Server Inbound (request) binding

INT007 - Department & Employee Server

In this step, you will use the XML Binding Wizard to create the inbound request binding iiiPRO06_request.jar.

1.  With your iii Training project open in Studio:

a.  Right-click on the Server XML Employees Request folder and select New Solution.

b.  Select the XML Binding Wizard from the Tool dropdown

c.  Solution Group should already contain Server XML Employees Request

d.   Type iiiPRO06_request in the Solution File input field. Click OK.

2.  The XML Binding Project dialog appears.

a.  Click on the Browse button. Select the file iiiPRO06_request.xml then click on the Open button.

b.  On the New XML Binding Project dialog, click OK. The XML Binding Wizard main window will now appear. Change Package to com.iiicompany.service.xml

3.  Click the Inbound checkbox. Select the newly-created Inbound tab.

4.  Map the XML tag DepartmentCode to the LANSA field DEPTMENT as follows:

a.  From the Inbound tab, mark the DepartmentRequest root tag as a Fragment.

b.  Select the Department Code tag and select Edit from the context menu. Enter DEPTMENT for the Name and click OK

Your XML Binding should look like the following:

5.  Build your service by clicking the.  Build button on the toolbar.

     Your JAR file has now been generated and compiled.

6.  Save your work and Exit the XML Binding Wizard.