Step 6. Code iiiFN06 Server GET Functionality

INT007 - Department & Employee Server

In this step, you will begin to write the RDMLX for the Server side GET. The server function will receive the XML from the client.

1.  Create a new LANSA process named iiiPRO06 XML Employees Server, where iii is your unique 3 characters. (If the process already exists, select a different set of characters for iii.).

2.  Create a new function named iiiFN06 Department & Employees Server, belonging to process iiiPRO06. Create the function without using a template and make sure that Enabled for RDMLX is checked.

3.  With your iii Training project open in Studio, expand the Solutions / Server XML Employees Request / samples / RDMLX folder and open file SAMPLE_RDMLX_INBOUND_HTTP.txt in the Text Editor. Copy all the code into function iiiFN06, replacing existing code.

4.  Change the GROUP_BY name to DEPTREQ. This GROUP_BY is a reference for mapping field DEPTMENT. The code generator does not currently recognize RDMLX name limits.

5.   At this point your function has all the logic needed to receive the department code request XML

6.  Save this function. It is not yet complete and will be finished in a later step.