Step 1. Create iiiFN07 Client Outbound (request) bindings

INT008 – Department & Employee Client (Optional)

In this step, you will create a new jar file from iiiPRO06_request.xml. In exercise INT007, your iiiPRO06_request.xml bindings were inbound. This time, however, you are creating a client function, so the bindings for your request XML will be outbound.

You are binding the same XML as in exercise INT007 for your request and response, since you are building another part of the same interaction. The structure (XML) of the request and response messages is the same for the server and client. You are simply building the opposite side of the transaction.

1.  With your iii Training project open in Studio, create a new Solution Group / Client XML Employees Request. Select this new group and use the XML Binding Wizard. Give the solution file the name iiiPRO07_request. Browse to select iiiPRO06_request.xml from folder Server XML Employees Request for the XML source. Change the Package name to com.iiiCompany.service.xml

2.  Click the Outbound checkbox in the XML Binding Wizard. Select the Outbound tab and mark the root DepartmentRequest node as a fragment. Edit the DepartmentCode node and set its Name to DEPTMENT.

3.  Build and compile your solution. Save your work and close the XML Binding Wizard.