Step 3. Binding Deployment and Configuration

INT008 – Department & Employee Client (Optional)

In this step, you will deploy your binding jar files.

1.  Send iiiPRO07_response.jar and iiiPRO07_request.jar to the Integrator folder from your workspace.

2.  Publish iiiPRO07_response.jar and iiiPRO07_request.jar to the server, from the /bindings folder.

3.  For this exercise, you will be using the HTTPOutboundXMLBindService. Therefore, you must define a service in the file. This will be used in your client-side RDMLX function. The server function will not use this service at all.

a.  Use Retrieve Section on the file from the server.  (This action simply creates a local file for you to edit. There is no project specific data to retrieve at this time.) This step requires your server instance to be opened from your project tab.

b.  From your project Integrator / properties folder open your local section of the file. Now open each properties file for this outbound service in your new request and response solution groups, and copy each in turn to the properties section file you just created. Your file should now look like the following:

c.  Save and close the properties file.

d.  Use Publish Section to update the file on the server.