Personnel System

A business has a very simple Personnel System. The Personnel System allows the company to identify the employees in the company based on the part of the company where the employee works. The Personnel System lists details about the employees and details about their specific skills.

The company has a simple organizational structure. It is divided into departments such as Administration, Audit, Information Services, Legal, Travel, etc. Each of these departments may have one or more sections such as Accounting, Purchasing, Sales, etc. The Department table (DEPTAB) stores the list of departments. The Section table (SECTAB) is used to store the sections within each department.

The Personnel Master file (PSLMST) stores details about each employee. For example, the employee's name, address, and telephone number are stored in this master file. As each employee works in a section of a department, this information is also stored in the Personnel Master file.

Each employee also has a list of skills. For example, an employee might have Cobol, C and C++ programming skills or management and administration skills. A Skills table (SKLTAB) is used to store the skill codes. A Personnel Skills file (PSLSKL) stores the specific skills of each employee.

The Personnel System is a very simple system. It has 5 files as described above. The physical database layout is described in Physical Database Map of Personnel System.

Historical Note: This system was created in 1987 as one of the very first LANSA demonstration and training systems. The LANSA repository and RDMLX functions created for this original system have been used on a System 38, AS/400, Windows, Linux and other platforms. This original system has been left virtually unchanged to show how LANSA has been able to protect your investment in your application systems.