Step 1. Extend Studio Project iii Training

INT004 - Department Inquiry Bindings

In this step, you will use the Integrator Studio to extend the project iii Training created in INT003. You will create a new solution and use the XML Binding Wizard to create the required folders for building your XML.

1.  Locate the Integrator Studio icon by opening the LANSA folder on your desktop.

2.  Double click on the Integrator Studio icon. The Studio main window will appear.

     You can also open Studio from the Tools ribbon in the LANSA Editor.

3.  Select the iii Training project you created earlier and right click to Open Project. Your project will open in a new tab.

4.  Select the solutions folder and right click to create New Solution.  Select XML File Editor from the Tool dropdown. Enter a new Solution Group of XML Request and a Solution File name of iiiPRO04_request.

5.  Select Yes in the Confirm dialog. A new folder called XML Request will be created. By default, the full path will be:
c:\program files\lansa\integrator\studio\workspace\iii Training\solutions\XML Request.

     Your XML file iiiPRO04_request.xml will be placed in this folder.

6.  The XML Editor will open: