Step 2. Create Request XML - iiiPRO04_request.xml

INT004 - Department Inquiry Bindings

In this step, since you will be writing a server function, you will write the XML to receive the request for the department description. You can use any text editor to write XML. In this case, you will use the XML Editor which is part of Integrator Studio.

1.  The open XML editor, contains the basic structure of an XML message. The first line in an XML file is always the XML declaration. For these exercises, you will always use the following XML declaration:

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


     Important Note: The <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> statement must be the first line in the document. There should be no blank lines or characters before it, or an error will occur.

2.  You must provide the department code in order to obtain the department description from the server, You will need a root tag enclosing a tag for the department code. Call the root tag DepartmentRequest and the department code tag DepartmentCode. Include a sample value of the information sent in the DepartmentCode tag, for example ADM.

     In this case, the XML is very simple and it might appear as follows:

     Note that each XML tag has a start and matching end tag e.g. <tag> </tag>

3.  Save the XML and select Yes in the Confirm dialog. The file was created when the editor opened. Close the XML File Editor

     Notice that the XML file you have just created now appears in Integrator Studio under your XML Request solution group.