INT009B - SOAP Service - Define Agent

The web service created in these exercises is called GetEmployees.


The SOAP Agent consuming the GetEmployees web service will pass a department and section to the server.

The SOAP Agent program created to test this web service uses Visual LANSA RDMLX, but it could be created using an RPG program equally well.

To create the service as shown in the diagram above, you must have completed this exercise:

INT009A – SOAP Service – Define Server



To achieve these objectives, you will complete the following:

Step 1. Create a New Agent Solution

Step 2. Map Parameters to Program Variables

Step 3. Build the SOAP Agent Solution

Step 4. Deploy the SOAP Agent solution

Step 5. Review required Program to use the SOAP Agent Solution

Step 6. Create Form iiiFRM04 - Get Employees using SOAP