INT010 - JSON Service

The JSON Service allows a business application to call a web service operation and receive results from it without having to concern itself with any of the web service protocols and standards. The technical details have been taken care of by the LANSA Integrator JSON service and by the code generated by the JSON Wizard.

There are three exercises in this set which together, demonstrate how to implement a JSON web service using LANSA Integrator Studio. These exercises need to be completed in sequence.

These exercises create a web service using JSON types EmployeeDeptSect and Employees. 

int010a JSON service define server

The Business Logic (program code), provided for you in INT010C to test this service has been created as a Visual LANSA form. In LANSA it could also be written as a 5250 function, or as a web page application. You could also use RPG.

The following summarizes the steps you will take in the three exercises to build and test your JSON Service:

INT010A – JSON Service – Define Server

INT010B – JSON Service – Create Client Logic

INT010C – JSON Service – Test