Step 3. Create a JSON Solution for Processing EmployeeDeptSect

INT010A - JSON Service - Define Server-side logic

1.  With your iii JSON Tutorial project open in Studio.

2.  Select the Solutions folder and right click on it to open the context menu.

3.  Select New Solution from the context menu to open the New Solution dialog box.

4.  In the New Solution dialog box, select the JSON Binding Wizard Tool from the drop-down list.

5.  Enter the name of the Group to contain this Solution, in this case EmployeeDeptSect.

     If you had more than one group already, you could select an existing Solution Group from the drop-down list.

6.  In File, enter a name for the Solution, in this case iiiEmployeeDeptSect. This name will be used for the project (prj) file. It will also be used by the JSON Wizard as a prefix for some of the objects that it generates for the solution.

7.  Press OK.

8.  Select Yes, to confirm that the new solution group is to be created.

     LANSA Integrator opens the JSON Type Selection form.

9.  Double click on the EmployeeDeptSect type.

     Select the Configuration tab.

     LANSA Integrator provides default values but you must change some of them to be specific to this project and the server that will service it.

10. Change the Package.

     This is the name that the JSON Wizard will use when generating the Java implementation files for your solution so make it something unique to your solution. For this exercise, enter com.iiicompany.service.json

11. Save your changes. Do not close the JSON Wizard.