Step 4. Map Parameters to Program Variables for EmployeeDeptSect

INT010A - JSON Service - Define Server-side logic

In this step, you will map the parameters you created earlier to the program variable names that you will use in the program that implements this web service.

1.  Map the parameters:

a.  Click on the Mapping tab.

b.Select and right click on the EmployeeDeptSect to open the context menu.

c.Click on Fragment.

d.Click on sectionCode.  Select Field from the content menu and enter the corresponding program variable name, in this case SECTION, and click OK. Leave Format blank.

     The mapped program variable names you entered are shown in brackets after the parameter name. Note that the icon has changed to indicate that this parameter is mapped.

2.  Repeat this procedure for the second parameter, departmentCode. Select Field from the context menu and map to the program variable name DEPTMENT.

     Note how the variable name is shown with the parameter name and that the icon has changed.

3.  Save your changes.