LANSA Integrator Guide

LANSA Integrator Guide

What does LANSA Integrator do?

LANSA Integrator simplifies the exchange of data between applications and businesses by providing ready made services that you can use to transform data from one format to another.

Integrator's services enable bi-directional flows of data and/or files in almost any format including XML, text, image, email, PDF, Microsoft Excel, EDI X12, Microsoft Excel workbooks and relational databases.

Multiple data transport methods are supported including HTTP, FTP, SFTP, Web services and message queue software.

Why use Integrator?

LANSA Integrator hides the complexities of interfacing with the many technologies, letting you concentrate on your business requirements.

How do you use Integrator?

You can use any of Integrator's ready made services or write your own with the tools you need being supplied. Any application can call Integrator's services using simple APIs.

Some examples of how Integrator's services could benefit you or your business

Learn how to use Integrator

Last updated October 1, 2019