5.33 PDFSpoolFileService

The PDFSpoolFileService allows IBM i spool files to be converted to PDF documents. Use this service to create a PDF file from a single IBM i spool file. If the PDF file already has information this will be replaced with the spool file information.

The Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) is widely used as a portable and well-recognised document format. Most users will be able to process PDF files and the format preserves both content and formatting.

Using this service you can write applications that automatically convert spool files (for example from scheduled jobs) to PDF files, for example for archiving or to send to nominated recipients via email (perhaps using the SMTPMailService).

The service provides commands for connecting to an IBM i host server, retrieving the contents of a nominated output queue and creating a PDF document for a nominated IBM i spool file. Each page in the spool file becomes one page in the resulting PDF document and a range of keywords can be specified to format the PDF document.

Related Services

The PDFSpoolFileService is not dependent on other services. It can be used on its own to create PDF files from an IBM i spool file or delete PDF files. However, depending on the requirements of your application, you may wish, for example, to use one or more of the transport services to send PDF files via FTP, HTTP or email.

Note that the SMTPMailService has a feature that can collect a group of attachments into a single zip archive to attach to an outgoing email message.

Technical Specifications