5.14 POP3MailService

The POP3MailService permits applications to receive email messages using the Post Office Protocol (POP3) from an existing mail server and to process their contents. Most mail servers support the POP3 protocol for mail clients to receive messages.

The POP3MailService uses the Oracle JavaMail API.

Refer to http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javamail/index.html.

Related Services

The POP3MailService is not dependent on other services but is often used in conjunction with the SMTPMailService if email messages are also initiated by the application.

The SMTPMailService can be used to create and send an email message to another server, but since the SMTP protocol is limited in its ability to queue message at the receiving end it is usually used in conjunction with one of two email client protocols, POP3 or IMAP. If the email client is using JSM services to retrieve the email message then the POP3MailService can be used to retrieve any email messages. The POP3MailService facilitates the saving of messages in a server mailbox and periodic downloading of messages from the server.

Technical Specifications

# POP3MailService resources ( Default )





# port=110

# recipient.keystore.name=pki/person-key.p8

# recipient.certificate.name=pki/person-cert.cer