5.32 ZipService

The ZipService provides support for:

Archives are files that contain other files, typically in a compressed format. Zip files are the most common archive format and provide compression and file grouping.

The Zip format is widely used and supported. Most computer users will be able to create or process zip file archives. The ZipService provides an easy method for your applications to create and process these files.

Related Services

The ZipService is not dependent on other services. It can be used on its own to create, add to or extract from zip file archives. However, depending on the requirements of your application, you may wish, for example, to use one or more of the transport services to send or receive zip file archives via FTP, HTTP or email.

Note that the SMTPMailService has a feature that can collect a group of attachments into a single zip archive to attach to an out-going email message. For out-going mail applications, this feature could make it unnecessary to explicitly invoke the ZipService.

Technical Specifications