Step 6. Use Find from the Toolbar

In this step you will find text using the Find from the Home ribbon.

1.  Move the cursor back to the top of the form by pressing Ctrl + Home.

2.  On the Home ribbon, enter currentitem in the input box. This is actually a combo box which holding recently entered search values.

3.  Press Enter on the keyboard, or click the right arrow button (Next).

     The first occurrence of the string is located in the code.

4.  Use the Next in the Find button dialog to find the next occurrence of currentitem.

5.  Press F3 to find where the next occurrence of the string Currentitem is located in the source code.

6.  Press Shift + F3. The previous occurrence of the string currentitem is located in the source code.

     The appearance of the Find dialog in the Home ribbon varies depending on how your Editor has been resized, for example: