Step 9. Compile the Form

In this step, you will compile your new form.

Your components are compiled from within the LANSA editor by using the Compile button on the Home ribbon. Objects can also be compiled using context menus from various tabs (Repository, Last Opened etc.) in which case the compile options will simply default to the last values used in the Compile options dialog. Note that when compiling from a tab, you will see a warning if the source code has not been saved.

1.  Click the dialog box launcher on the Compile button on the Home ribbon, to display the Compile options dialog.

2.  Press OK to submit the compile.

3.  Using the Compile tab at the bottom of the editor, you can review the compile status.

4.  Once the compile has completed, double-click on the status message to display the compile message window. If errors have occurred, you can review the messages in this window.

5.  Close the Compile messages window.