Step 1. Execute the Visual LANSA Framework

1.  Start Visual LANSA.

     Log on to the partition used for training as follows:

If you are using your company's LANSA system for training, login in to the partition used for training, using your normal LANSA profile, and select any suitable Task ID, which may be a special Task used for training.

If you wish to use a trial copy of Visual LANSA, do the following:

To develop web applications (VL Web) apply to your LANSA vendor for a temporary development licence and web runtime licence. See the LANSA Support sited for applying a LANSA license information

You will then be able to develop all types of components including web pages, server modules and reusable parts for the Web Browser platform, without restrictions to Identifier names.

Login in using:

     User ID: pcxuser

     Password: pcxuser

     Task ID: PCXTASK

     Partition: DEM

Note: pcxuser is partition administrator.

2.  On the Tools ribbon, from the VL Framework menu, select the User(VLF-WIN) option.

3.  In the Select Framework File dialog select the option Latest VLF-WIN demo and click Open.

Note: If you only have one Framework file, this dialog is not displayed, and the latest demonstration version will be opened.

The Framework uses XML files to store the definition of your framework. The file vf_sys001_system.xml always contains the latest demonstration system.

The Framework window will appear.