Step 3. Snap in the Web By Location Filter

In this step, you will snap in your By Location filter.

1.  In the Framework, close the Program Coding Assistant.

2.  Select the iii Human Resources application and double-click the _Employees business object.

3.  On the resulting Business Object Properties dialog, select the Filters tab.

4.  Select the By Location filter. You will replace the web mock up filter with your real filter.

5.  Select the Filter Snap-in Settings tab.

6.  Select the Component Identifier radio button and use the Search button for the VLF-ONE component.

7.  In the Find dialog, enter a search value of III and select IIIFILT02. The Identifier will be returned and the Find will close.

8.  Close the Business Object Properties dialog.

9.  Using the (Framework) menu, select the option to Save the Framework.

10. When the framework save is complete:

a.  Execute the framework by selecting Execute as VLF-ONE Application from the Framework menu.

b.  Enter user id and password of x.

c.  When the framework loads into the browser, select your application from the start button:

d.  Then select _Employees to load the filter / instance list panel

e.  Use the ellipsis button to select the By Location filter:

f.  Enter a department code (e.g. 100, 200, 1000 or 1200) and click Search. You could also use a partial value such as "1".

     Note: Since department code is a number, this is clearly a crude search mechanism. See the RDML Programming using Web Pages module to learn how to replace department code with a dropdown for all departments. In practice, you would probably also add the Department Description as a visible column in the Instance List.