Step 4WEB. Execute Prototype as a VLF-ONE Web Application

1.  In Visual LANSA, from the Tools menu, execute your framework as a User (VLF-ONE) application.

2.  The framework will open in the browser with a logon window:

     If you created your application in the "Latest VLF-ONE Demo" framework, select VLF-ONE Home in the list of frameworks and enter a User Profile of X and Password of X. The Logon user / password check is a "dummy" in the shipped logon component.

3.  The framework will load in the browser and will be initially largely blank:

4.  Click the Start button at the top left and select the iii Human Resources application:

5.  Select the _Employees business object:

6.  Click the Search for _Employees button on a filter, and select an employee in the instance list to display the Details command handler. Check the Automatic Tiling check box (right hand side) to layout the application panels as shown:

7.  Observe that your business object, filters and command handlers have the images you assigned. When you hover the cursor over these, their background color changes based on the theme applied.

8.  Remember this is an application running in a browser. Each panel can be resized and repositioned. Tiling can be enabled or turned off.

9.  A settings button on the right will restore closed panels and arrange vertically or horizontally.

10. Each panel has a Minimize, Maximize and Close button and a Settings button:

11. Opening another panel such as New, re-arranges the existing panels:

     Note: The interface design adopted by the VLF-ONE visual framework is loosely based on the Microsoft design for Outlook in the Web (OWA). For example: