REP002 - Field Visualizations

You can choose how a field is shown in an application. For example, a numeric field can be visualized as a simple entry field or as an entry field with spin buttons.

Note: All types of field visualizations apply when a field is shown on a Windows form.
However, the following field visualizations do not apply in web page applications:

Field visualizations do not apply in list controls in a web page application. A later exercise shows how the list control enables columns to have a range of visualizations.


To achieve these objectives, you will complete the following:

Step 1. Review iiiStartDate Field Visualization

Step 2. Review iiiEmployNotes Field Visualization

Step 3. Review iiiSalary Field Visualization

Step 4. Review the Test Form

Step 5. Execute the Form


Before you Begin

In order to complete this exercise, you should have completed the previous exercise.