REP011 - Repository Summary


  • To use the knowledge you have acquired in the previous exercises, to create LANSA fields and a file with validation rules, virtual fields, PJFs and a logical view.
  •      The file you will create will be called Employee Holidays iiiEmpHolidays (where iii=your initials) with the following fields:


    Existing employee number field



    Holiday Code



    Holiday Start Date

    Showtime = False


    Holiday End Date

    Showtime = False


    Holiday Comments

    Allow lower case


    Holiday Duration (virtual field)

    Edit Mask = 2


    Employee Surname (PJF from the employee file)



  • To create an application to maintain the file and another application to use the logical view to search the file.
  • To achieve these objectives, you will complete the following:

    Step 1. Create the File Definition

    Step 2. Modify Field Definitions

    Step 3. Add Rules to the File

    Step 4. Create and Execute a Test Form

    Step 5. Add a Virtual Field to Your File

    Step 6. Create an Access Route and a Predetermined Join Field (PJF)

    Step 7. Recreate the Employee Holidays Form

    Step 8. Create a Logical View and Test


    Some Helpful Tips