REP002 - Field Visualizations

Important Observations

  • Field visualizations can be used in LANSA components such as forms, reusable parts or web pages.
  • Fields types such as Alpha, String, Packed and Signed have a simple entry field as the default visualization, but many other types of visualizations, such as Radio buttons, drop downs, spin buttons, and other visualizations can be added.
  • Field types such as DateTime have specialized visualizations that include features like calendar prompts.
  • You can control which visualization is used by default. In the example of the iiiEmployNotes field, you would want a multiline entry field to be used instead of a single entry field. Hence, the multiline field was defined as the default visualization.
  • Tips and Techniques

  • Field visualizations ensure a consistent presentation of your fields.
  • Field visualizations can be extremely powerful in the case of simple list selections. For example, a field GENDER can be visualized as Male and Female radio buttons or as a list of values in a combo box. By defining this visualization once, it is automatically available to all components.
  • What I Should Know

  • How to create a field visualization.
  • How to perform simple changes to the field visualization definitions.
  • How to set the default visualization.