Step 5. Review the System Variable (Optional)

To do this step, you will need more than one partition in your LANSA system as you will be looking at how the system variable you just created is available across partitions.

Note: If you are using a Slave Workstation install of Visual LANSA, you may be using your own partition for training. For example DEV may be the name of your development partition.

Your IBM i system will also have a SYS partition, which is a default required LANSA system partition.

Using System Initialize from the Visual LANSA Login dialog, you can easily create a SYS partition in your Visual LANSA Slave Workstation.

1.  If you have more than one partition in your Visual LANSA system, logon to Visual LANSA in another partition.

2.  Review the list of fields in the partition. You will not see any of the fields you have created in these exercises.

3.  Review the list of system variables. You will see the new system variable you created because these variables are accessible by all partitions in the system.

4.  Close Visual LANSA.