REP004 - System and Multilingual Variables

Important Observations

  • System variables can be used throughout the repository as default values, in validation rules, etc.
  • LANSA ships many default system variables. You can also define your own system variables.
  • System variables are NOT partition specific and changing or deleting a system variable affects all partitions in that installation of LANSA.
  • Dynamic system variables can have different values each time the variable is accessed.
  • Static variables are assigned once when the application is started.
  • System variables call a program which returns a single value.
  • Multilingual data is stored as keyed data and is not translated.
  • All multilingual variables must begin with *MTXT.
  • Tips and Techniques

  • When defining a new partition (or modifying an existing partition) to support multilingual applications, a "default" language and one other language must be defined. A multilingual partition must have two or more languages defined.
  • What I Should Know

  • How to create a system variable in Visual LANSA.
  • Some of the special system variables supported by LANSA.
  • Where a LANSA system variable can be used.
  • How multilingual variables are used in Visual LANSA.