Step 3.  F1 Context Sensitive Help

In this step, you will learn about the context sensitive help available throughout the LANSA interface.

If you are not logged on to the Visual LANSA Development Environment, log on now as described in Step 1 of this exercise.

1.  Select the Repository tab. If you can't see the Repository tab, on the Home ribbon, select the Tabs menu, then select Repository.

     Note that the Repository tab can also be displayed using the F8 key.

2.  With your cursor either on the tab's title bar or somewhere within the Repository tab, press F1.

     The context help for the Repository tab is displayed in the browser.

3.  Click on the highlighted link to open the Visual LANSA User Guide and show the Contents List. You can now access any other section in the Visual LANSA User Guide.

4.  Click on 3. Standard Editor Tabs.

     From here, you can access help for any of the editor's tabs.

5.  Click on Design Tab for help when using the Design tab.

6.Click on the highlighted Show Contents Lists link, then click on the highlighted Home button in the toolbar.

     This takes you to the LANSA Documentation home page, where you can access any other online guide.

7.  In the Editor, from the File menu, select the New option, and select Field. Note that in this exercise you will NOT complete the New Field process.

8.  The New Field dialog will be displayed.

9.  Notice that the cursor is positioned on the Name. Press the F1 key to display the online help for Field Name.

     Help for Field Name will be displayed in the browser.

10. Click Cancel to close the New field dialog.