Step 3. Docking/Undocking a Tab Sheet

In this step, you will undock the Repository tab and move it to another position. Undocking is useful because it allows you to resize a dialog box to display more information without having to resize the panes of the window, which you have to do when a tab is docked.

Note that all tabs can be docked and undocked as described here.

1.  With the Repository tab displayed, left mouse click on the docking bar and drag it to the center of the Editor's window. The appearance will depend whether you are using Tab View Style Navigator or Standard.

     Alternatively, double click on the title bar area or docking bar to float the tab.

2.  Release the left mouse button, when a title bar is added to the tab, or when it is the position where you want it to be.

     The Repository tab is now undocked. It is now an independent window and you can position it anywhere on the screen, or on a second screen.

3.  Resize the Repository tab so that you can see all the columns.

4.  You can redock the Repository tab in a number of ways:

5.  To have two tabs open side by side on the left, release the cursor over the Right button:

     Your editor should then look like the following: