Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Tutorial

These exercises provide an introduction to the features of the Visual LANSA Development Environment.

They focus on the user interface and the most common activities such as navigation and search techniques which will help you develop your applications more quickly. They are not designed to teach programming skills nor are they are comprehensive

Please complete the exercises in sequence. Later exercises are designed to use skills from the earlier exercises and in some cases you set up objects to be used in a later exercise. When you've completed the exercises you will be familiar with the Visual LANSA interface.

The exercises include:

VUI001 – Starting LANSA

VUI002 – LANSA Editor Parts

VUI003 – Repository Tab

VUI004 - Details, Outline, Favorites Tabs

Before you Begin

You must have the shipped Demonstration System installed in the partition that you will use for training. See also the set up options as described in What Partition Should I Use?

The LANSA Demonstration System contains all the objects used by these exercises.

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