Step 6. Add a Field to the Web Page and Set its Properties

In this step you will add a field from the Repository to your web page which will display the "Hello World" text.  You will adjust the field's MarginLeft property so that the field label is hidden.

1.  On the Repository tab, expand the Fields node.

2.  Expand the letter S to see the list of fields starting with the letter S. If Alphabetic Grouping is not enabled, use the context menu on Fields to turn it on.

3.  Locate the field STD_TEXT and drag it into the left hand column. Once again the field will stay where it is placed, as it is currently unmanaged.

4.  With the field selected, on the Details tab, set its MarginLeft property to 0. The field's edit box will move left, hiding the label.

5.  Adjust the field's Width property. You could simply drag the field's right hand edge or you may find it is quicker to guess a Width property and set its value to reduce the field's initial width and then drag the field's right hand edge to the required setting. In this case try Width=500 initially. The text displayed in the field reflects the field's length.

     Your design should now look like the following:

6.  With the field selected, select the Layout ribbon.

a.  Change Alignment to Top Left and Flow to Down.

b.  Change margin Top and Left to 20